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November 15, 2019
No Dirty Laundry, Just Motorsport News!

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Marussia In The Top 10

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In the 2014 Monaco Grand Prix, Formula One™ fans were stunned to see a Marussia car in the top ten. As you may or may not know, the frenchman Jules Bianchi was able to drive his car into P9 despite qualifying for 19th position on the grid. This event was a milestone for team, as it was their first points finish since joining the sport in 2012.

Marussia is a team that lacks the funds to own and maintain a competitive car and was not expected to place in a points position. However, Bianchi managed to beat the odds. How was the team able to get such a good finish? Was it because the team improved? Was it because Bianchi drove amazingly? Was it because Monaco is the most unpredictable race on the 2014 calendar?

In my personal opinion, the team was able to get this astonishing finish simply because of the track. In Monaco, anything can and will happen. We’ve saw many different success and failures throughout the track’s 50 year life. The Marussia car clearly does not have the speed required to be a threat on previous tracks that are larger and require speed, but Monaco is so small that there is no where to get to a top speed. Therefore, grip, downforce, handling and cornering abilities can make or break a race. Obviously Marussia has the factors required to race Monaco, but will we see another points finish for Marussia in the races to come?

No. At the current time, the team lacks the performance required, largely because they lack the money. If the team was to raise funds and develop the car to be competitive on larger track, another points finish is possible. Seeing as there are no more “Monaco sized” tracks on the calendar for the season, it is more likely than not that we will not see Marussia in the top.

Nevertheless, the team showed some hard work and determination and was rewarded. Congratulations to the team and best of luck in Canada.

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About Wesley Branton:

Wesley is a motorsport journalist from Canada who fell in love with Formula One many years ago. His work has been featured in other major motorsport news publications.